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When hiring an electrical contractor there are some things you may consider to be sure you receive quality service and workmanship. Below are some questions that can guide you in finding the best contractor for your project.

  1. Do they have a current license for the type of work you’re requesting? Per the Arizona Registrar of Contractors, if the total of the work being performed will be more than $1,000 or require a permit, a licensed contractor must be used. You can verify license numbers and complaints filed at the Arizona Registrar of Contractors website.
  2. Are they knowledgeable about the National Electrical Code (NEC) and local lighting ordinances?
  3. Do they have general liability and workman’s comp insurance?
  4. Do they have any complaints with the Better Business Bureau?
  5. How many years have they been in business? If they are a well-established company, they will probably still be in business if you have questions/concerns in the future.
  6. Is the phone answered by a real person? Do you feel welcomed by the office when you call? Are your questions/concerns thoroughly addressed?
  7. Be sure to get any quotes/bids in writing. If you receive multiple bids, a very low bid may be cause for concern. Often times there are different installation methods and materials to complete the same project. The National Electrical Code is the minimum required for a safe installation, but does not provide for local amendments, future expansion, or quality of materials used. Therefore, different methods can cost significantly more, or less.

Often, issues with an installation are not immediately evident. The bottom line is, if you don’t trust what you’re being told, investigate it. You need to be an advocate for yourself and a reliable contractor is going to have no problem with the above questions being asked.


General FAQ

What does an electrician do?

An electrician installs/maintains/repairs the electrical wiring for your business or home. At Duffy Electric, our electricians are capable of servicing commercial and residential wiring. We can help you with a number of jobs including repairs of existing wiring; installation of new circuits, light fixtures, receptacles/switches; LED lighting retrofits; EV charger installations, etc.

How do you fix/repair wiring in your house or business?

There are many things that can cause an electrical problem. We recommend hiring a licensed electrician to diagnose and repair any problems with your electrical system. Do it yourself repairs can lead to possible fire hazard, injury, and costlier repairs. At Duffy Electric, our trained electricians can diagnose and repair your electrical problems.

Why do I need an electrician?

If you are having trouble with the electrical in your business or home, the cause could be a number of things. (Faulty devices, improper connections, bad wiring, etc.) We don’t recommend you fix/repair electrical wiring by yourself. We recommend you hire a licensed electrician, like Duffy Electric, for any electrical repairs you may have.