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Duffy Electric was started by Jerry Duffy, Sr., who began his work in the electrical industry as an apprentice electrician with Oestreich Electric.  After serving a five-year apprenticeship, Jerry became a journeyman electrician in 1966.  At that time, Oestreich promoted Jerry to foreman status.  He then supervised and installed projects until starting Duffy Electrical Contractors, Inc.  in 1969.

Our experienced management staff has over 130 years of cumulative experience in the industry and employment with Duffy Electrical Contractors.

Jerry Duffy, Sr.PresidentRetired
Jerry Duffy, Jr.Vice President/General Manager/Estimating/Project Manager40+ years
Brenda OlssonCustomer Service, Accounting, and Human Resources40+ years


Staff Biographies


Jerry Duffy Sr.Tucson resident since 1956.  Graduated from Rincon High School in 1960.  Began electrical apprenticeship in 1961, working for Oestreich Electric in Tucson.  Employed at Oestreich throughout five years of apprenticeship training.  Upon successful completion of the program, I was promoted to a foreman position with the company and oversaw the completion of several construction projects for the next three plus years.  In 1969, left Oestreich to form Duffy Electrical Contractors. Retired from daily operations in August 2015.

Industry Affiliations
Independent Electrical Contractors (IEC) of Southern Arizona

  • Past member of board of directors
  • Past president and secretary
  • Served on apprenticeship committee

Alliance of Construction Trades

  • Past member of board of directors
  • Past vice-president


  • General Manager, Estimating, Project Management, and Supervision of all field employees
  • Tucson native
  • Graduated in 1980 from Catalina High School
  • Graduated electrical apprenticeship 1988
  • Past instructor of 4th year IEC of Southern Arizona Apprenticeship Program


  • Office Manager, Customer Service, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Human Resources
  • Tucson Native
  • Graduated in 1981 from Catalina High School
  • Began career with Duffy Electrical in 1983
  • Past Training Director for IEC of Southern Arizona Apprenticeship Program
  • Member of Board of Directors for IEC of Southern Arizona