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What Are Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters? Answers from Duffy Electric

Monday, December 3rd, 2012

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters…what you should know from Duffy Electric in Tucson, Arizona

GFCI functions by electronically sensing current flow differential between two current carrying conductors (hot/neutral).  Should a difference of five milliamps be detected (5/1000 of an ampere, .6 watts) the device will be tripped out.  It de-energizes itself and all receptacles being protected by it downstream.  This serves to provide personal protection from electrical shock.  This is its proper function.

Rather than blame the GFCI, look for a problem with connected loads.

1.) Unplug all appliances, lights, cords, tools, etc.

2.) Reset the tripped GFCI receptacle.

3.)Plug-in all items disconnected in #1 , one at a time.  Operate the device.  If no tripping occurs, plug in another item.  Follow the same procedure one item at a time.  When the GFCI trips, the last item plugged in is the source of the problem.

4.) Leave the item unplugged until it is repaired or replaced with a properly functioning item.  Reset your GFCI.

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